Transition Programs

Starting at McAuley Community School


Transition to school, between year levels, and beyond Primary School are all significant moments in the lives of children and their families.  Times of transition are an individual and extended process which varies for each child. We understand you want the best for your child.  It may be an exciting time for many and others may need more support with change.

At McAuley, we have designed three unique Pathways depending on the stage of the child:

  • Pathway to Discovery for Reception 
  • Pathway of Discovery for Years 1 to 6
  • Pathway beyond Discovery for Year 6 transitioning to high school


The Pathway to Discovery program supports the transition of children into their first year of school, Reception. Our Pathway includes a wealth of opportunities, including information sessions for families, individual Family Conversations with educators, as well as extended visits for the children prior to their commencement.  

With a 2 hour visit once a week for an eight week period in the term prior to starting school, our Pathway to Discovery program is tailored to prepare you and your child for ‘big school.’ Children will have an opportunity to build relationships with educators, meet some of their peers, begin forming friendships and establish routines.

Our visits are focused on a play-based approach to learning and engage children in a variety of hands-on learning experiences promoting relationship development, confidence and growing their knowledge of their new school.

They will also spend time in the Reception Neighbourhood which helps them to feel a sense of pride and belonging before they even officially start. These visits also provide a fantastic opportunity for educators to get to know your child as a learner and social citizen.

Morning and afternoon sessions are available and days are dependent on the number of enrolments. 

Pathway of Discovery

A smooth transition from one year level to the next is critical to support the learning environment and emotional wellbeing of our learners.  Our educators professionally prepare learners towards the end of Term 4 with the Pathway of Discovery program to orientate them with their new educators and Neighbourhoods.

One key part of our Pathway of Discovery are our Pathway Time sessions. This is an opportunity for all learners to move to their new Learning Neighbourhoods for the afternoon. Pathway Time is a structured opportunity for learners to become familiar with their new learning spaces and begin forming relationships with their peers and educators.

All new learners joining us in the following year are invited to participate in these afternoon sessions. 

At McAuley, we also hold a whole school Orientation Day from 8:30am arrival for an 8:45am start and 3:05pm finish. This is an opportunity for all new learners to join us and experience ‘a day in the life’ of a McAuley learner. A highlight of Orientation Day is the learners meet their Pastoral Care Educators.

Reception learners follow their Pathway to Discovery program and attend for half of Orientation Day.

Our Pathway of Discovery also supports families and learners at the beginning of the school year with our Family Conversations.

Pathway beyond Discovery

Transitioning to high school is another life milestone. Our Pathway beyond Discovery is designed to offer support and motivate learners as they leave McAuley.  It includes liaison with their new school and coordination of an Orientation Day.

Want more information?

To discuss our Pathway to Discovery program for starting school or how our other Pathway programs can support you and your family, please call (08) 8397 6450 or email our Pathways Coordinator for assistance:

McAuley Community School is a Catholic school in the Mercy Tradition.

We are looking forward to supporting your child and family.