As part of the network of schools in South-West Adelaide, there are several pathways both to and from McAuley Community School.

Alive (Hove)

Our co-located Alive Catholic Early Learning Centre provides high quality education for children from 6 months to 5 years.

Alive celebrates parents as the first educators of their children and honours their right to choose a preferred educational pathway by providing parents with a pathway not only to McAuley Community School but to any of the other nine Catholic Primary Schools in South West Adelaide.

South West Adelaide Catholic Schools

South West Adelaide comprises of 12 local Catholic primary schools and colleges that work in close partnership with each other, in service of our shared community.

The Principals of the Catholic schools and colleges meet twice each term and have developed successful cluster initiatives focussing on learning, wellbeing and transition.

Secondary Pathways

Learners enrolled at Catholic primary schools in South West Adelaide are given priority for enrolment into Cabra Dominican College or Sacred Heart College for their secondary education:

See here for details about other Catholic co-educational and single sex pathways options.

At McAuley Community School, we respect privacy and do not provide any school with any information regarding enrolment(s) for your child/ren. 

Families are encouraged to lodge an enrolment form at your chosen secondary school at least two years prior to your child/ren starting secondary school.