Catholic Education South Australia


McAuley Community School is a diocesan school. Responsibility for and governance of diocesan schools in Adelaide is through the Catholic Education Office.

Our School Board operates according to the guidelines set down by the South Australian Commission for Catholic Schools (SACCS).

The Board consists of the Parish Priest, Principal, parent representatives, a representative from the Parents’ & Friends’ Committee, a representative from the school staff and co-opted members. Our Board ensures that the school fulfils its educational responsibility in the Parish and to administer school finances. Nominations for parent representatives are called for at the beginning of each year and elected at the Annual General Meeting.

Our School Board plays an important role in the development of school policy and is responsible for ensuring that the financial affairs of the school are in accordance with SACCS and diocesan policies and guidelines.

The partnership between the Board and school leadership is critical in everything from master planning through to strategic planning for the school and the community. They work together for the benefit of the school.

Since the start of 2019, our school has operated with an Interim School Board. The purpose of the Interim School Board is to provide a governance arrangement for McAuley Community School in 2019 that:

  1. provides liaison and collaboration with the St Teresa’s School community in its transition into McAuley Community School for the start of 2020
  2. plans and prepares for the successful beginning of McAuley Community School at the start of 2020
  3. plans for the formal formation of the School Board early in 2021.

McAuley Community School Interim Board

At the start of 2019, the Director appointed the below members to the McAuley Interim Board. This Board will operate until February 2021 when a new Board will then be formed at the school’s first Annual General Meeting.

The Interim Board possesses the authority to co-opt additional expertise and will do so during 2020.

Membership of McAuley Community School (Interim School Board):

Parish Priest

Director's appointment

Chair of Finance Committee


Deputy Principal

Catholic Education Office

Parent Representative


Parents & Friends Committee Representative

Parent Representative

Parent Representative

Parent Representative

Parent Representative

Parent Representative

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