The McAuley Way

McAuley Community School is a welcoming and inclusive Catholic community where we connect education, family and faith.

When our learners attend school, they are preparing to take on the world of tomorrow. We help each learner realise their potential in a unique learning environment.

At McAuley Community School we live, learn and lead in service of each other and our community. We are passionate about social justice and the future sustainability of our natural world. We believe in a holistic approach to developing young hearts and minds.

McAuley Community School is a place for learners to:

  • live as flourishing people in a global world;
  • learn to inquire, think critically and deeply, communicate, collaborate and create; and
  • lead self and others to have an impact on their community.

At McAuley Community School we are committed to delivering educational excellence in an innovative learning environment defined by our Catholic faith.

We are:  

  • a place to give your child the opportunity to put their best foot forward, to be the best they can;
  • a place that celebrates individual passions to achieve educational excellence, for lifelong learning;
  • a place to discover the world we live in and how we can make it better; and
  • a place where learners can connect with their community and grow in their faith.

McAuley Community School, a Catholic school in the Mercy tradition, is a place to thrive.

Our school’s name respects the commitment of the Sisters of Mercy, founded by Catherine McAuley, to education and the community in the Brighton Parish for more than 103 years. The Sisters of Mercy have provided quality services in education based on respect, integrity, justice, compassion and service.

The school brings together two rich histories, with many foundation learners transitioning from St Teresa’s School and the school buildings located on the former site of Marymount College.

We are a place of belonging built on the Mercy tradition and the values of:

  • Respect
  • Compassion
  • Gratitude
  • Courage
  • Creativity

These values are known as our Mercy Keys and this is the language of our school.

At the end of every school term, we celebrate the close of the term with a school Mass and celebration based around our learning.

The celebration of our learning brings a sense of enrichment to our school life by uniting our community and nurturing the sense of reverence for our learning with each other.

The Mercy cross is at the centre. Our faith in the Mercy tradition honours the legacy and vision of Catherine McAuley and her unwavering commitment to faith and confidence, courage, generosity and humanity. 

The blue crescents represent waves that acknowledge the school’s coastal location and connection to the environment.

  • Mercy Cross – Faith - a place to grow
  • Educational Excellence - a place to achieve
  • Ecology - a place to discover
  • Community - a place to connect

McAuley Community School’s commitment to the environment and to ecological awareness is evident in the Green Building Council Australia’s award of its 6-Star Green Star Rating for the school’s design.  At the time of the school’s opening, it is the only primary school in Australia to receive the 6-Star rating.


McAuley Community School is a welcoming, inclusive Catholic community where children grow and learn holistically, in a safe and nurturing environment so they can thrive and imagine new possibilities.

We are Catholic school in the Mercy tradition, based on the Mercy Keys of Respect, Compassion, Gratitude, Courage and Creativity