The Living, Learning, Leading Framework expresses that each learner is and will be a capable learner.

They develop the CESA Key Capabilities of being:

  • spiritually aware and inspired by faith;
  • self-aware, collaborative and socially adept;
  • intercultural, and globally minded;
  • knowledgeable, inquisitive and innovative;
  • moral, compassionate, and ecologically aware;
  • confident and careful creators and users of ICTs; and
  • literate, numerate and effective communicators.

At McAuley Community School, we develop each learner’s Key Capabilities in the following ways:

McAuley Community School places each learner at the centre of all we do. We do this by:

  • developing a deep understanding of each learner
  • Individualising learning by using National Learning Progression continuums to ensure learners are working at the level that is appropriate for them
  • learners setting their own learning goals
  • giving learners the choice and opportunity to learn in a variety of ways
  • learners see the meaning and relevance of what they are learning
  • learners reflecting on their progress.

At McAuley Community School, we acknowledge that learners go through different stages of physical and psychological development as they grow.

These stages of development are important to be understood, considered and integrated into a learner-focused environment to ensure learners are assisted through developmentally appropriate content and strategies.

For this reason, McAuley Community School uses a developmental scaffold to support educators to plan developmentally appropriate learning opportunities. This scaffold highlights strategies, contexts and approaches to learning that are relevant to learners’ developmental stages.

Learning Neighbourhood timetables are responsive to the needs of each learner. 

Educators come together to plan and design the timetables. They ensure the needs of each learner are clearly understood and considered and that the timetables support learners with their learning goals.

The timetables consider:

  • needs of each learner;
  • whole Learning Neighbourhood needs (particularly developmental);
  • educators’ expertise, development goals, talents, and interests; and
  • set times for the Specialist educators to work with the Neighbourhoods.

The timetables are reviewed regularly time to ensure they are meeting the learning needs of each learner.

McAuley Community School is committed to ensuring that when learners graduate, they will possess and display the following qualities:

  • be thriving people, capable learners and leaders for the world God desires;
  • act with respect towards themselves, others and our world;
  • use creative, innovative and critical thinking to make a difference;
  • communicate with maturity, openness and integrity;
  • live with curiosity;
  • turn dreams and ideas into reality;
  • accept life’s challenges with a resilient and flexible attitude;
  • create a future that excites them and contributes positively to the world; and
  • see the adventure, possibilities and connections in life.