CESA’s Living, Learning, Leading Framework affirms that every learner is and will be a thriving person.

Catholic Identity & Mission

We are a welcoming, inclusive Catholic community of all faiths. McAuley is a place of belonging.

Our Religious Education curriculum Crossways, supports the integration of faith, life and culture in a contemporary context. The curriculum is an expression of the wider partnership between parents and caregivers, our school and parish.

Our Assistant Principal Religious Identity and Mission, works closely with St Joseph's Parish Brighton. We support families if they choose to be part of the Sacramental Program. Please click here for further information.

Wellbeing and Belonging

McAuley provides a safe and nurturing environment where every child belongs. We monitor the wellbeing of learners with regular check-ins, our Welcome Circle each morning and the CESA Classroom Pulse Survey once per term by learners.

Sometimes a child may need further emotional support. Working in partnership with families, your child's Pastoral Care Educator can support your child with a referral for a conversation with our professional counsellor, available two days per week.

Positive Behaviours Intervention and Support

PBIS focuses on teaching learners agreed and expected behaviours and social skills, rather than just reacting to behaviour errors.  This proactive approach provides Educators and learners more time to focus on relationships and instruction.  It also enhances the relationship with families by advocating respect and positivity.

A small number of learners may require individualised interventions.

Our World

At McAuley, we have a deep appreciation for our natural environment.  We believe we are all stewards of God's creation.
To foster our connection with nature, we look forward to our whole school annual excursion to a National Park for a day of learner led exploration.  Every learner has the opportunity to attend a Beach School Day with their Pastoral Care Group which also includes supporting Adopt-a-Spot Beach Care.  Our Dune Care community project has been in place since our first term of McAuley opening and is loved by learners and educators.
For more information on our approach to Sustainability, please click here.


When learners enrol at McAuley, they become a member of a House which reinforces a sense of belonging to our community. 

The house names honour and reflect the history of Catherine McAuley and our Mercy connection: Baggot, Coolock, Doyle and Gallagher.

  • Baggot (Red): Baggot Street in Dublin is where the first house of Mercy was built by Catherine McAuley in response to the needs of the poor of Dublin. It is now home to Mercy family from all over the world.
  • Coolock (Blue): Coolock House was where Catherine McAuley lived and is now a Sisters of Mercy convent.
    Doyle (Yellow):  Mary Ann Doyle professed her religious vows with Catherine McAuley and was one of the foundational Sisters of Mercy.
  • Gallagher (Green): Mother Gallagher led the Wilcannia Forbes Sisters of Mercy to Brighton to establish St Teresa’s School in 1916.

Throughout the year, 'House Spirit' and pride is built amongst learners through a variety of positive recognition strategies.   A 'House Spirit' trophy is awarded on Sports Day in Term 3.