CESA’s Living, Learning, Leading Framework affirms that every learner is and will be a thriving person. At McAuley Community School we focus on this commitment in the following ways:

Pastoral Care at McAuley Community School is concerned with the total well-being of each learner within the school as a whole person.

Pastoral Care is organised around the educator who is responsible for getting to know the learners in their Learning Neighbourhood, fostering their potential as a learner, encouraging positive behaviours, being alert to difficulties, or celebrations of learners in their care. They communicate directly with parents and caregivers as the main point of contact.

Pastoral Care builds and supports the entire school community, making connections between our learners, staff and wider community. It encompasses all aspects of school life through a combination of structured activities and building personal relationships.  

Our Catholic faith affirms that we are created with love for love.  Every family is a gift from God and our children are the greatest gift of all. 

Our APRIM (Assistant Principal Religious Identity and Mission) works closely with the Brighton Parish Pastoral Associate to celebrate the Sacraments of Initiation, Reconciliation, First Eucharist and Confirmation.

Our approach is based on the understanding and acknowledgment that parents and families are the key faith educators of their children. Given this, our parish-based and school supported program aims to support parents in the preparation of their children to celebrate the sacraments.

Our Sacramental preparation is a very special time for the whole parish community. Parent Information sessions and Parent/Child workshops are held out of school hours prior to celebrating the sacraments.  Parents and children meet with other families in small groups, undertaking small group activities, discussions and simple homework tasks over a period of a few weeks. In this way, small communities of families meet, get to know each other and celebrate together. 

For more information the Parish Pastoral Associate can be contacted by email

When learners enrol at McAuley, each becomes a member of a House which reinforces a sense of belonging to our community. 

The house names honour and reflect the history of Catherine McAuley and our Mercy connection: Baggot, Coolock, Doyle and Gallagher.

  • Baggot (Red): Baggot Street in Dublin is where the first house of Mercy was built by Catherine McAuley in response to the needs of the poor of Dublin. It is now home to Mercy family from all over the world.
  • Coolock (Blue): Coolock House was where Catherine McAuley lived and is now a Sisters of Mercy convent.
  • Doyle (Yellow):  Mary Ann Doyle professed her religious vows with Catherine McAuley and was one of the foundational Sisters of Mercy.
  • Gallagher (Green): Mother Gallagher led the Wilcannia Forbes Sisters of Mercy to Brighton to establish St Teresa’s School in 1916.