School Map

School Map

We have designed this map to help families find their way around McAuley Community School.

Please note there is no left turn during 7:30-9:30am or 3:00-6:00pm from The Crescent, which is a continuation of Cedar Avenue, into Alfreda Street or King Street. Bicycles excepted.  

If you are travelling in this direction, you will need to turn right into The Crescent and then use the Colton Avenue Kiss & Drop gate or park in that vicinity.

Please take care to respect our neighbours with no parking at the Holdfast Bay Community Centre next door and be mindful of Townsend House residents.  Mornings and afternoons are a busy time on the surrounding streets so we ask for your patience and consideration.

On Colton Avenue, the Kiss & Drop location has moved further down towards the end of Colton Ave, near Wattle Street. Please respect other families and move to the beginning of the line during drop off and pick up. Thank you for your cooperation.